SWME offers compact and portable solar power generator unit which is easy to install and starts generating electricity within minutes delivering profitability from day one. Designed for residences, small offices and remote locations. Solar power generator powers your requirements during the day and can store the excess power into the battery bank to meet your needs during night & non sunny days. Our system features high efficiency PV modules mounted over a robust collapsible structure giving it a compact foot print and a longer product lifetime in outdoor conditions.

• Safe & easy to install
• Free from Noise, Smoke & Pollution
• Zero maintenance
• Hybrid solution (works on Solar & AC mains)
• Applicable for Home Appliances (like Light, Fan, TV etc.)
• Possible to expand system in future
• Eco friendly system
• Easy installation, Easy operation
• Available in different configuration
• Clean energy, No fuel dependence
• High Reliable power supply
• In-built Inverter & Battery Bank

Remote Areas (like Farm House), Home, Shops, Hospitals, Rural Banks Post Office, Health Care, Schools & Hotels, etc.


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