SWME Solar Water Pumping systems are highly efficient, reliable and clean alternative to fuel burning engines (Diesel generators) for domestic water, irrigation, and livestock requirements.

They require very low maintenance and work without any fuel demand. With no fuel inputs and simple operation, Solar Water Pumps are cheaper, cleaner and more reliable than diesel pumps. They offer the potential to increase small holder incomes through reduced operating costs and improved crop yields.

Solar water pumps operate anywhere that the sun shines, and the longer it shines, the more water they pump.

Once installed, SolarWater Pumps have no moving parts, require very low maintenance and last for decades.Water supplied can be used to irrigate crops, water livestock or, in some cases, provide drinking water.

1) Solar water pumping systems can be installed at a site completely eliminating loss of energy in transmission.
2) The system can be installed at remote location where no electricity is available.
3) The systems need zero maintenance as no moving parts includes.
4) The system does not require any battery bank, since energy generated by PV modules is directly utilized to power the pump-motor to draw water from the open well / bore well or stream / pond or canal.

• Drip Irrigation & Sprinkler
• Drinking Water Supply
• Rural Water Supply For Ranches
• Cabins And Cottages
• Dewatering
• Livestock Watering Fountains


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